THURSDAY, MARCH 14 – Baccarat Room (Floor -1)
19:00-22:00 Welcome Reception, Dinner
FRIDAY, MARCH 15 – Baccarat Room (Floor -1)


Moderators: A. Cardwell, F. Carones


Session 1: Foundations First – Laying the Cornerstones for a Successful Practice


Finding Your Niche. There is no one-size-fits-all in private practice (more details…)
Moderators: V. Bo, D. Joseph
Panelists: N. Kobakhidze, S. Mantry, R. Riad, S. Soldati, B. Spiru


Defining your purpose: mission, vision, values.
Moderator: B. Haffey (see biography)


Different Leaders Different Styles. Understanding your style and how it applies to transformational leadership
Moderator: L. Ferlini


Coffee Break 


Hoya Presentation
Moderator: P. Wood


Manager ≠ Leader. Building a brilliant team culture and employee experience
Moderators: W. Riha, J. Schmuck (see biography)


Uniting Others with Your Vision. Internal and external engagement strategies
Moderators: A. Armia, J. Buratto


It’s your idea. Own it. The importance of protecting your intellectual property
Moderator: S. Rodriguez


Too Many Hats. Challenges of being an executive medical director
Moderators: A. Cummings, O. Kermani


Young Ophthalmologists’ Forum: Becoming an influencer (more details…)
Moderators: F. Carones, S. Daya
Panelists: D. Boccuzzi, B. Bostanci, N. Kobakhidze, P. Lin, R. Rampat, D. Smadja


Networking Lunch – Schwind Presentation

Moderator: I. Gabric


Session 2: Mastering the Finances – Striking a Balance Between Efficiency and Innovation


Finance for Doctors: What’s important for success today and in the future
Moderator: A. Vigo (see biography)


How Do I Get Started? Leveraging resources
Moderators: D. Holland, R. Solar


Non-financial Considerations Regarding New Technologies. Revenue driver, practice differentiator, outcomes enhancer, or just a new toy?
Moderators: V. Derhartunian, D. Joseph


Coffee Break – Kindly offered by OWL

Moderator: S. Tucker 


Finding hidden cash. Identifying opportunities to streamline and eliminate inefficiencies
Moderator: F. Lecci (see biography)


Out with the old and in with the new. Adding new service lines and retiring underperforming ones
Moderators: J.C. Muscat, S. Schmickler


When Crisis Happens. Mitigating and managing risks
Moderators: S. Daya, S. Melki

19:00 Dinner at “Piccolo Lago Restaurant” and Keynote Speaker: L. Buratto, R. Schwind
SATURDAY, MARCH 16 – Baccarat Room (Floor -1)

Session 3: Empowering Choice – The Art of Patient Education


Information ≠ Education. Patient psychology and consumer health decision making
Moderator: G. Graffigna (see biography)


Explaining High Performance IOLs and Refractive Solutions. Establishing value as a ratio of benefits to costs
Moderator: A. Cummings


Orchestrating Patient Flow to Drive the Patient Experience
Moderators: A. Cardwell, F. Kretz


Myths and Truths of Corporate Patient Education. Strategies to grow adoption (rather than just market share)
Moderator: A. Vidmar


Industry Panel: Lesson from LASIK. Clearing confusion in the world of refractive surgery
Moderators: G. Kezirian, A. Vidmar
Panelists: B. Bostanci, F. Ferracuti, I. Gabric, S. Melki, D. Planta, S. Taneri, T. Voita, C. Willis


Coffee break 


Johnson & Johnson Presentation
Moderator: J. R. Palau Segura


Listen and Observe. A Tale of Lessons Learned. Case presentations to demonstrate how diagnostics and patient interaction may lead to uncommon decisions
Moderator: F. Carones, O. Sologub (see biography)


Physician Brand Rx: A 12 Week Physician Journey to Branding
Moderator: M. R. Scott (see biography)


Digital Footprints: A crucial element for the evolving needs of today’s patients
Moderator: A. Russo

13:00-14:00 Networking Lunch – Rayner Presentation

Session 4: Ready. Set. Grow – Igniting the Engine and Fuelling Growth


No Cookie Cutters Allowed: Crafting a compelling social media strategy for different platforms
Moderators: A. Cardwell, P. Vesely
Panelists: V. Derhartunian, L. Ederleh, R. Rampat, A. Russo


Constantly Requires Maintenance? Enhancing patient engagement and pull-through with CRM platforms

Moderator: M. Mikek


Bausch & Lomb Presentation

Moderator: A. Zanni


From Data to Dialogue: Data-enhanced patient education (more details…)
Moderators: D. Gatinel, D. Smadja
Panelists: P. Fen, S. Marcos, M. Pande, R. Rampat, S. Windsor


Unlocking Funding: Key strategies for private healthcare practices
Moderators: I. Gabric, M. Mrochen, I. Rudisi (see biography)


Quadruple Impact: How can we work to strengthen the human pillar in our organization? 
Moderator: A. Benatti


Coffee Break


Through the Looking Glass: What doctors expect from investors vs what investors expect from your practice
Moderator: R. Angunawela
Panelists: G. Kezirian, J. Mathia, A. Pitalia

19:00 Cocktail, Dinner and Keynote Speaker – G. Kezirian
SUNDAY, MARCH 17 – Baccarat Room (Floor -1) and Verdi Room (Floor +1)


Ophthalpreneurs will offer a selection of rotating workshops, followed by a wrap-up session ending at 12:30 PM. Participants can choose to attend 3 or 4 workshops, with the option to switch between them every hour or two, depending on the workshop’s duration.


How do I plan my exit strategy? (120 minutes)
Moderator: M. Geyuen


How do I bring an innovation to life? (120 minutes)
Moderator: M. Mrochen


How do I create a holistic marketing plan? (60 minutes)
Moderator: R. Solar


How do I set up an effective and profitable dry eye clinic? (60 minutes)
Moderator: L. Vigo


How do I get the most from my technology? (60 minutes)
Moderator: D. Boccuzzi


How can I improve my patient communication? (60 minutes)
Moderator: D. Joseph

12:00-12:30 Final Words and Adjournment – A. Cardwell, F. Carones