About Us

OPHTHALPRENEURS has a unique focus on driving patient access to advanced technologies in the patient-pay ophthalmic
practice environment, specifically in respect to anterior segment service offerings. Unlike other forums that mainly focus on research
and clinical education, OPHTHALPRENEURS offers a distinct entrepreneurial edge that emphasizes ophthalmic practice leadership development beyond routine medical training. Major emphasis is given to strategy, marketing, patient education, operations, finance, corporate structures, and legal topics.


The inclusivity of OPHTHALPRENEURS encompasses a wide spectrum of professionals, including ophthalmologists, industry trailblazers, vision researchers, allied health practitioners, venture capitalists, and healthcare reimbursement entities. These diverse stakeholders collectively embrace a shared philosophy: the sustainable growth of private ophthalmology hinges upon an exceptional patient journey that transcends mere diagnosis and treatment. It revolves around tailoring vision solutions to meet individual patient needs and delivering unparalleled excellence in customer service.

Unites a diverse group of professionals to collaborate on
sustainable growth initiatives within the private and
patient-pay ophthalmology industry in Europe

Focuses on topics relevant to ophthalmic practice leadership not typically covered during medical training but critical to success in private and patient-pay practice


OPHTHALPRENEURS Attendee Demographics:

•  Technology innovators and early adopters
•  Practitioners in private or patient-pay ophthalmic settings
•  Successful and resourceful marketers in the intraocular and corneal refractive space
•  Private equity/venture capitalists investing in private ophthalmology
•  Healthcare reimbursement and employee benefit organizations
•  Practice administrators and support personnel


• Conduct Peer-to-Peer Educational Sessions through Open Discourse and Hands-on Workshops:
Showcase cutting-edge innovations and strategies aimed at elevating patient acquisition, patient education, patient experience, and practice management.
• Moderate Interactive Dialogues Addressing Strategic Areas:
Facilitate dynamic discussions centered around pertinent subjects, including political and regulatory advocacy, financial management, as well as practice branding and positioning.
• Harness the Signifi cance of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs):
Capitalize on the substantial presence of Key Opinion Leaders, off ering a live and dynamic avenue for the introduction of products and the execution of market research endeavors.

Background & Need

As strain on social healthcare systems drives ophthalmic procedures beyond public hospitals, surgeon confidence in adopting cutting-edge technologies remains a challenge, as revealed by the 2022 ESCRS Clinical Survey.


36% of ESCRS survey respondents perform lens procedures primarily in private hospitals or surgeon-owned clinics, however

Only 10% of their cases involve presbyopia-correcting IOLs.

Of these, just 18% are toric versions, despite global estimates that one-third of the population has astigmatism.

The most common SURGEON barriers identified were cost cost to patients and concerns about managing post-op vision disturbances.


Similarly, at least 48% of respondents admit lack of confidence in performing MIGS and lens replacement simultaneously, despite the fact that 16% of their patients are candidates.


Like medical school and residency, most scientific congresses overlook addressing the essential soft skills and business acumen required to fuel growth in a private ophthalmology setting.


Meanwhile, the strain on social healthcare systems is driving ophthalmic procedures beyond public hospitals. Nevertheless, without addressing
skills related to patient selection and patient education, patient access technologies such as PCIOLs and MIGS will likely remain low.


It’s time to bridge the gap between practising medicine and running a business. OPHTHALPRENEURS™ steps in with a unique focus on private and patient-pay ophthalmology. Join us to tackle challenges head-on through peer-to-peer education and immersive hands-on workshops.